Government Policy and Domestic Production

  • Providing support to businesses on the steps to be taken to ensure sustainable production of palm oil - Work with businesses and other relevant stakeholders for training and capacity building projects to highlight the benefits of sustainable palm oil production - improve SHs livelihood, increase yield and income, reduce water footprint, better soil management, better market access for sustainable supply chains within India, use of independent smallholder credits etc.
  • Conduct baseline assessments and studies - Identify risks and opportunities for SPO production in the areas allocated for expanding PO production.
  • Capacity building of smallholders, extension officers and oil palm farmers to increase the production of certified sustainable palm oil
  • Encourage concerted efforts among private and public sector actors to promote conducive policy mechanisms and actions for uptake of sustainable palm oil in India
  • Building thought leadership on the subject, sensitization and engagement with key stakeholders including policymakers on uptake of responsibly sourced palm oil
  • Support interested companies and relevant actors to transit towards domestic production that is socially, environmentally and economically reliable
  • Regulation and Policy advice - Identify the relevant stakeholders within governments to engage and provide support as a technical advisor to ensure sustainable production of palm oil in India - share best practices, networks, subject matter experts etc.

Supply Chain and End Users

  • Guide the Steering Committee on necessary actions to mobilise supply chain actor and end users companies in support of sustainable palm oil
  • Bring important issues pertaining to Supply Chain and End Users Actors to the cognizance of the Steering Committee
  • Exchange of existing knowledge and good practices pertaining to promoting traceability and accountability-based disclosures along the supply chain
  • Develop knowledge products related to supply chain and end users that can be used by relevant stakeholders in their journey towards sustainability and sustainable palm oil procurement and sourcing
  • Build sustainable trade partnerships through linkages with similar platforms and/or initiatives on sustainable consumption and production in producer countries
  • Propose strategies (knowledge products, events, workshops) to create awareness and educate end consumers regarding sustainable palm oil along with Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12)
  • Undertake transparency and accountability-based disclosures on sustainable procurement of palm oil
  • Defining approach and best practices for disclosure
  • To educate the suppliers and vendors about the benefits from the trade of sustainable palm oil and its derivatives, undertake supplier capacity building and training programs
  • Raise the institutional demand for sustainable palm oil in the industry, working closely with relevant Business Associations and other industry actors

Financial Institutions

  • Create awareness of these actors to understand the risks related to non-sustainably sourced palm oil (lack of or low transparency or traceability) linked to their investments/portfolio
  • Support FIs (Banks & NBFC) understand the linkage between sustainable palm oil and the broader commitments they may have, e.g. deforestation, biodiversity loss, climate change
  • To support FIs (Banks & NBFCs) for building awareness of relevant Clients to transition to sustainable palm oil (through the climate, biodiversity, deforestation, etc.)
  • Develop tools and provide expertise (subject-matter experts) to help these actors better understand and manage these (above) risks
  • Develop institutional strategies and operations (e.g. through disclosure, E&S strategies, governance and accountability measures) for better management of this risk
  • Contribute to related policy and regulatory processes in India and beyond
  • Identify key FIs (Banks and NBFCs) linked to financing food and agriculture business and/or interested on deforestation, biodiversity, climate change – and operating in India