The overall goal of the forum is to promote sustainable consumption and trade of palm oil and its derivatives in India along the supply chain, through industry collaboration


Steering Committee (SC)

  • The SC would be nominated for two years, and made up of the following actors:
    • 4 Founding Members
    • 4 representatives from the industry (comprising 2 End Users and 2 Supply Chain Actors)
  • Eligibility Criteria for SC Members:
    • Working in the Palm Oil supply Chain
    • Committed to the Goal of I-SPOC (Promote Sustainable Consumption and Trade of Palm Oil and its Derivatives in India along the Supply Chain)
    • An institutional commitment (Policy/Strategy) on Sustainability/Sustainable Sourcing/SDGs
    • Uphold the principle of ‘shared responsibility’

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Pursue the goals and objectives of I-SPOC
  • Define and keep under review the strategies and priorities of I-SPOC
  • Guide and oversee the Working Groups, with support of the Secretariat
  • Advise the Secretariat on policy matters (passing resolutions) and resolve institutional issues
  • Work closely with the founding members to help the coalition fulfill its Goals
  • Increase membership and visibility of the Coalition, leading to the uptake of sustainable palm oil in India
  • Support the Secretariat in making the Coalition financially sustainable by raising funds
  • Act as Ambassadors in their own networks to promote the goals and objectives of I-SPOC
  • Define and organize external communications materials