The I-SPOC ToC demonstrates how the coalition will work with stakeholders across the palm oil value chain achieve its goal of promoting sustainability in its trade, production as well as consumption in India with the support of members, supporters and other stakeholders. Palm Oil plays an important role in the fast-growing Indian economy, with new policies focused on increasing domestic production to reduce reliance on imports & ensuring food security. The goal of the coalition is expected to be achieved through realizing a set of outcomes that includes increased collaboration and commitment amongst the industry and relevant actors including financial institutions in the transformation of the Indian palm oil sector, looking at adoption of wider sustainability standards by the industry actors in the production and sourcing of palm oil in India as well as from partner countries and the creation of an enabling environment for sustainable production and consumption by embedding sustainability principles in relevant government policies and schemes. These outcomes will deliver a fine balance in ensuring that the demand for palm oil in India is met through domestic production and imports of palm oil that is cultivated in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.